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Our philosophy is simple, we want to promote unity through training. When we train we are a community, we complete the same circuit, run the same race and grip the same weight. We are not divided, separated or broken. Whilst we understand the power or self-worth, we believe in a community, a collective of people working towards the same or similar goals. We are powered by society, without people we are just another fitness brand, we are more than that.


We wanted to create something to help promote our philosophy, we are not an ordinary fitness brand we are a contemporary training movement, first we created a ‘sweat top’ a t-shirt designed for 90-100% work rate, our design process was simple, minimal yet bold. Muscle fit t-shirts dominate the market, we simply just wanted a t-shirt to train in that was oversized and not over priced. A basic tee with a bold statement, used for nothing more than working out. All of our designs are true reflections of the values of the training collective.